How VM Works

Verified-Market shows you a candidate's pre-qualification status including critical information relating to their availability and performance history. Whether you leverage our contract management, computer-based training, or contingent workforce solution, there's one simple, online portal for everything. Verified-Market quickly identifies candidates who have the capabilities you need, in the right locations, with the right knowledge. Data is regularly updated in the portal by both parties, so projects proceed with maximum efficiency. Our pre-populated standards, reports, and content make it easy to get your project up and running. We even provide you with project management resources if requested.

Overview of the Verified-Market Marketplace

  • Provides a secure online space for Buyers and Suppliers to provide information and review opportunities and resources
  • Generates proposals between Suppliers and Buyers
  • Schedules resource needs
  • Creates project plans
  • Tracks project costs, expenses, and progress
  • Shares project documentation in secure cloud environment
  • Access to industry-proven:
    • Quality assurance standards and reporting templates
    • Policies, processes, and procedures
  • Online courses to develop your organization
  • Audit and PHA checklists
  • Document management and redlining
  • Contractor management and pre-screening

VM Suite Applications

  • Document Management and Redlining
  • Training Tracking / CBTs
  • Contractor Management and Pre-Screening
  • Auditing
  • Risk Assessments
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Visual Inspection Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
How VM Works
The VM dashboard offers complete control – budgets, timesheets, project deliverables, invoice payments, project plan, purchase orders, service agreements, insurance, security, and more.
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Easy, Secure Project Management

  • Dedicated project management
  • Online travel submittals and approval
  • Online milestone and deadline tracking
  • Online time sheet submittal, expense reporting, and invoicing
  • Online payment processing with instant access to deliverables

Feedback Loops for Future Success

  • Supplier score cards
  • Ongoing verification of Suppliers
  • Buyer score cards

Process for Buyers


To manage the complexity of our global supplier networks, we use an initial registration process, pre-screening, and a risk model to automatically segment suppliers based on criteria that is important to you. We use data such as the products and services they supply, business locations, annual revenues, HSE performance, anticipated contract value or number of employees to determine their required pre-qualification path.

Verified-Market generates a proposal for you to approve. You can manage individual proposals or create an overarching project with a budget that contains multiple proposals. Once your project is underway, Verified-Market automatically converts supplier submitted timesheets to invoices. Get online to track projects, manage budgets, pay invoices, and download deliverables.

Pre-qualification paths range from a basic registration for low-risk supplier profiles, through a comprehensive pre-qualification questionnaire and meeting for more complex scenarios. We use online pre-qualification, third-party data feeds, and our team to validate suppliers' capabilities and ensure compliance with corporate standards.

Process for Suppliers


As a supplier, you can apply to join the VM marketplace (giving you visibility to resources) or register to participate in a pre-qualification program to become a resource.

Connect with quality companies and opportunities in an environment built from the ground up to assure buyers that you are exactly what they require for a project. Manage your schedule in the cloud, electronically review and accept contract work, update your training, submit time, expenses, and invoices, and upload any deliverables. Project documentation and process review is simple, ensuring you have the tools you need to successfully find the right project, earn high scores from buyers, and secure your next preferred work assignment. Get introductions to new buyers and grow your business.

Start by completing an application online. Provide your details, including the products and services you supply. For some communities and some suppliers, answering registration questions for a specific buyer, a full pre-qualification questionnaire (including contractor pre-screening), or an audit may be necessary. We data check the information for accuracy and then make it available to our buyer members.

We remove the back-office hassles with our automated time card, expense and invoicing solution. No more having to worry about where to find your contract documentation and deliverables, or making sure you know if you are over budget on your project. Want to provide training online or in the classroom? Just submit an application and we will review your courses and credentials.

Process for Individuals


Seeking to improve your competency? Check out our training catalog to find courses near you or online. Pick your favorites and put them on your calendar to create a training plan. You can also schedule meetings or tasks if you are connected through the VM contingent workforce solution as a resource.

Need a place to track your career goals, improve your skills, and market yourself? VM can help you track your personal goals and make sure you are progressing according to plan.