About VM Suite and OESuite™

VM Suite is a simple, forms-based suite of software that is 100% cloud computing. Users can begin using the toolkit in a matter of minutes with virtually no implementation. The focus of VM Suite is simplicity, with the intent of empowering facility-based users to perform simple data gathering functions such as Behavior-Based Safety, JSAs, Audits, and Inspections at the plant level. If you need more complex data management such as creating alerts and notifications, managing corrective actions, and robust reporting, OESuite is the right tool for your enterprise needs.

OESuite is a rich, enterprise-level software platform with robust capabilities that empower your entire organization to make risk-informed decisions on the fly. Built to harness the tremendous power of real-time data and to deliver on-point results via mobile device, laptop or desktop, the OSSuite system gives you true visibility.

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Better Processes. Better Management.

With OESuite software, you can drag and drop to create custom forms and workflows to build processes, thanks to its highly configurable, flexible architecture. Each module can have multiple workflows, enabling organizations to standardize their business processes while affording each facility various levels of customization based upon their unique needs. All of that critical information is then rolled up into our reporting and business intelligence solution.

Assuring Peak Performance. It's What We Do.

Our plug and play capabilities make it easy to be up and running in a matter of days, not months. Reporting is a snap with our dashboards, search and querying capabilities. Because of the integration with systems like SAP and OSI PI, users can quickly drill down into the system to close out issues. Users are able to create their own personalized workspace (i.e. metrics, tasks, procedures) in a matter of minutes. We offer mobility and data visualization to empower field personnel while revealing emerging threats in real-time for management to make risk informed decisions.

OESuite offers more than 30 comprehensive modules covering all aspects of your workforce, assets, and compliance needs. The OESuite Platform addressess Operational Excellence with areas of focus in Environment, Health & Safety, Process Safety, SEMS Compliance, Asset Performance Management, Total Workforce Management, and Conduct of Operations.

What's in it for Your Organization?

Improved interoperability and data management via our OESuite platform will empower your business to:

  • Enhance EH&S compliance assurance, conserve energy, and reduce emissions
  • Increase resource utilization, capital effectiveness, and wrench time
  • Achieve greater visibility to minimize equipment outages, inspections, alarms, defects, stock outs, and parts obsolescence
  • Increase administrative control to ensure workforce competency, succession planning, and organizational resilience
  • Reduce process upsets and production losses

Spend your time achieving operational excellence, not chasing down problems and risks after they arise. OESuite gives you the right solution.

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