A Brief Overview

Below are screenshots that show some of the features and capabilities available to you as a Verified-Market Buyer or Supplier.

After logging in, you would click through Steps 1 through 5 and make your selections.

Step 6:
You can view the resources available and their schedules under "Resource Availability".

Step 7:
You can click on any of these candidates to find out more.

Step 1

You can view their bio and qualifications.

Step 2

You can also write a review and provide client feedback.

Step 3

You can submit a request, upload files, and leave a message.

Step 4

After your request is received, a Verified-Market representative would contact you via phone or email with a confirmation.

Step 5

Once a proposal is signed, you can manage your projects throughout the entire lifecycle. Assign resources, create a project plan, conduct meetings, track action items, manage scope changes, book travel, generate invoices, and ensure your projects are closed out with all the right information.

Step 5A

Search from a myriad of topics to find what fits you.

Step 6

Select your preferred training courses and put them on a calendar.

Step 7

Looking for a simple, cost-effective way to manage your contractors in the Cloud? Create your own screening criteria, track your contactors, grade their performance, and ensure their adherence to your compliance criteria.

Step 8