Verified-Market Delivers Hard Dollar Savings

Tired of individually sourcing talent or over-paying traditional recruitment firms? Our sophisticated but simple application matches needs with resources, and automatically screens for skills, certifications, insurance, contracts, resource availability, and budget. And, the results affect the bottom line.

  • Centralized billing: 1-2% savings
  • Early payment discounts: up to 1-2% savings
  • Streamlined payment processing: 2-3% savings
  • Supplier contractor management: 4-6% savings
  • Technology: 3-5% savings
  • Project management: 5-10% savings
  • Travel planning: 10-15% savings
  • Training discounts: 10-20% savings
  • Contractor management and pre-screening: 20-30% savings

If you need certified, verified workforce resources for projects in the upstream, midstream, downstream or chemical processing industries where verifiable experience and appropriate certifications are necessary, or if you are a resource who wants to work for the top companies in these areas, sign up today.

  • Process Safety / SEMS
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Asset Integrity & Reliability
  • Automation
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Fire Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Capital Projects
  • Project Management
Supplier Based Management graphic

Benefits for Buyers


Verified-Market simplifies the entire workforce management process.

  • Reduce cost, risk & effort to source & manage suppliers (simplified procurement process)
  • Wider choice of pre-qualified resources
  • Standardized pre-qualification process and contracts
  • Contractor management
  • Contractor pre-screening
  • Local resources – reduced travel cost
  • Competent resource pool (screened and verified by OS and its select partners)
  • Up-to-date, validated supplier information
  • Access to audit protocols and PHA checklists
  • Reporting templates and business intelligence
  • Global resource base
  • Standards and project management templates
  • Scheduling of resources
  • Resource performance history
  • Screening of resources (background, health)
  • Tracking of findings and recommendations
  • Industry improvements through best practice models & qualification standards

Benefits for Suppliers


Verified-Market links suppliers to buyers who need the resources, talents, and skills you and your company can offer.

  • New business opportunities nationally & globally
  • Reduced pre-qualification time and effort
  • Simplified procurement process
  • Joint marketing capability
  • Technology to underpin your processes
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Use feedback & scoring to drive continuous improvement
  • Compliance calendar for tasks and meetings

Benefits for Individuals


Verified-Market links individuals with opportunities to create a personal career plan, get training, and develop skills.

  • Schedule training preferences via a calendar
  • Leverage training resources
  • Take computer-based training
  • Enroll in classroom training
  • Perform a self-assessment of skills
  • Track personal goals